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Posted on March 12, 2014 · Posted in Blog

Living in one of the hottest countries in the world is always a challenge for your air conditioning units. Performing even the basic and simplest of task at home could be affected because of the heat. Why not? The vast majority of our country is desert affects daily temperatures on most Australian cities and towns.

Because of this, the need for properly-working air conditioning units is always an essential part of our living. It allows us to leave comfortably despite the scorching heat of the sun outside our homes. This is why South Perth Air Conditioning puts importance in having an effective and working air conditioning unit.

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For first-time homeowners who do not have any idea of choosing the right air conditioning unit, buying an appliance that is too small or too large for a room can cost a lot. Apart from determining the right size, choosing a unit based on Energy Rating Label is also important as it measures energy efficiency of an appliance.

Our expert technicians will help you decide what kind of unit you need, depending on your room and home’s dimension, daily temperatures, and other requirements. Our air conditioning installation expert will install your chosen unit properly for your home.

If you and your family require central air conditioners for your home, installing ducts are essential in having proper flow of cool air to your home. Special attention is required because of extreme heat on most places of the country. Ensuring that ducts on places such as attics and crawl spaces are tightly sealed to deliver temperate air, optimise the performance of a unit and prevent increased cost of electric bills.

To make sure that your central AC unit is at its best; our air conditioner repair technicians make sure that your ducts are properly wrapped with appropriate foams and insulations. This practice helps your house achieve desired room temperature effectively.

For most homes that are 5 years old and beyond, there is a chance that homeowners purchased old types of AC units that uses Freon. This type of coolant is widely used since introduction of air conditioners. Unfortunately, this coolant is now considered dangerous to the environment.

Based on our experts in air conditioning maintenance, AC units with Freon are now phased out in advanced countries like the United States. Soon, using such units will be prohibited in our country. Hence, that is why we recommend buying units or models with coolants that uses Puron.

With today’s technology, appliances are improving one-step at a time. Air conditioners are also getting more energy efficient, and smarter. If you want to take advantage of new technologies in AC units today, or you are clueless about how these units work, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Our air conditioning service experts will help you learn about these new types of cooling appliances. Split and ductless air conditioning units are among the newest types of AC units, and we will make sure that you will have a basic knowledge of these, as well as the chance of owning one in your home.

Times are getting harder, and living should be comfortable as possible. We at South Perth Air Conditioning believe that a well-working air conditioner is one of the few things that can improve your daily living. We provide and deliver reliable repairs, so you and your family won’t live your life compromised.